About Us

GESCOM d.o.o.

A Geotechnical Consulting and Design Company

Civil engineering practice and experience has proven, time and again, that the very soil we plan to build on is the source of greatest risk for the project. Development of solutions to manage those risks is what we do.


Making use of sophisticated geotechnical tools, we:

  • analyze, define and predict the behaviour of materials which lie beneath the ground surface
  • estimate the effects of the foundation soil on planned or existing structures
  • estimate the effects of finished structures onto their immidiate surroundings

The foundation stones of the Company are experienced consultants (both full-time employed and external cooperants) with extensive experience on more than 50 major projects in Croatia and across the globe.

From single storey houses to the World´s largest structures – we provide a full range of top quality geotechnical design and consultancy services.


We work closely with structural engineers so that the geotechnical elements are compatible with the structure and all relevant foundation loadings.


We use a combination of our own specialist in-house software and state-of-the-art commercial software to analyse and design.


The rapid development that has taken place around the world over the last few decades has led to competent ground becoming scarce. Owners now look at a locations with less suitable foundation conditions and higher related risks. Professional geotechnical engineering is necessary to resolve these issues to make the land viable. Due to our extensive experience in ground improvement design and construction supervision, we offer to resolve the risks tied to construction on difficult soils.


Above and below ground we are building taller, deeper, larger and more complex structures – often in urban areas where significant interaction with existing buildings is expected. For a simple or complex problem, our numerical modeling is a key component for choosing the right solution.


Based on our knowledge of local codes, soil conditions in different parts of the region, we can achieve siginifacnt reduction in needed geotechnical elements, compared to conventional designs – providing significant cost and time savings.